Our story

... begins in the center of Brzece.


The complex Brzece Center Kopaonik, was designed and created in accordance with the typical mountain construction style of Kopaonik. This way, remarkable aesthetic harmony has been achieved, which, coupled with the finest materials and a finish of the highest quality, guarantees comfort and complies with the highest standards expected of a modern facility.

Our complex is comprised of two buildings, which have four separate entrances situated on several different floors, as well as an underground garage. In the central part of the complex, there is a square which abounds with greenery of various kinds, thus creating an extraordinary ambiance which makes this complex a unique entirety.

The position, as well as the structure of the complex, allow all of the apartments to be bathed in natural light for the largest part of the day, throughout the year. Each of the apartments provides a breathtaking view of unspoiled nature, whose colors are a true remedy for everyone coming from the urban areas.


Within our complex there are 83 apartments of different structures and sizes. Apartments can accommodate 2 to 6 guests, depending on its type. The smallest of our apartments measure 25 m², while the largest ones measure 50 m².

Special effort was put into equipping each of our apartments, as if equipping one’s own home. Such a personal approach made our highest-quality materials, as well as the highest aesthetic standards, easily noticeable, allowing you to enjoy the feeling of warmth and coziness.

All our apartments are designed in warm colors, and all of our finest furniture was carefully selected, with the sole purpose of making you feel relaxed and comfortable. Our Italian kitchens, designed with exquisite skill, offer everything you need for a most pleasant stay. The windows and doors provide thermal insulation, and the heating system is automated, providing an optimal temperature and guaranteeing you a warm and cozy stay.

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